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All people who believe in God (Christians and Muslims) clearly understand that Jesus is presently in heaven but will come again. Muslims are taught that Jesus (also called Isa) will come again to live for 45 years, marry beautiful women and convert the world to Islam. Christians, apart from others like Jehovah’s Witnesses, believe that Jesus’ coming will mark the end of the world, resurrection of the dead and ascension to heaven of all who accepted Jesus as their personal saviour.


We call upon you to listen to messages or watch the videos below and examine where you stand in relation to what you believe to be the truth - for the sake of your life. Remember, “Many will say to Jesus on the last day that we did this or that in your name but He will say to them I never knew you”, they believed in falsehood.


in the audio messages below, young men who were originally thoroughly trained as Muslim Sheikhs clearly reveal deceptions you must be aware of. It is surprise enough that these men now preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as SDA Adventist Christians. Do yourself good, learn from cutting messages and testimonies.


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In the video below, watch and listen to how Pr.Doug, son of a very rich American family, found meaning ONLY in Jesus Christ when he became an Adventist. For more of Pr. Doug's wonderful sermons - go straight here to watch and listen.

Video below: A message for every one who truely wants to worship God.

In the video below, listen to Dr.Ben, Carson an adventist and one of the few best neurosurgeons in the world today, telling all about God the creator...not the lies.

In the video below,listen to a baptist pastor who came to understand the real bible truth about the Sabbath day and joined the SDA, along with many baptist members

In the video below - Mark Cleminison tells us about how he lived very well but in deep spititual deception and how he later became an adventist christian.

In the video below, Bro. Mark Woodman recently died of cancer 5 years after joining the SDA church. He died at the age of just 34 years in 2010, leaving a wife and two kids. This last interview that he and his wife gave was intended to help everybody know how to "try" and avoid cancer or fight it, if one has it already-WatchWatch and listen to Bro. Mark who died of cancer, he genuinely advises you

In video below - Learn about how satan works with people who reverence him and how God protects those who truely worship Him, against all satanic forces.

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, sweet great testimony - you will love it.

Below: Professor Walter Veith and Sonica Veith - Watch and listen you will know that God has brought and is still brings many people out of the strongest holds of satan. Click here for Walter and Sonica Veith interview 2 and here for interview 3. 

How Satan deceives people in God's name!!
What Christians should know.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [281.5 KB]
Read this-How the Vatican created Islam.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [92.4 KB]

Read about the great deception regarding the UFO phenomena we all hear today.

The Bible and Quran clearly show Jesus (Isa) as Saviour of mankind including Mohamed S.A.W who called muslims to accept this fact.
Listen to Muslim Sheikhs and former Sheikhs who converted to Adventist christianity and decide yourself who is telling consistent truth according to the Quran and Bible.for true godliness.
Muslim Sheikh Vs Converted Sheikh on Bib[...]
MP3 audio file [92.4 MB]
Listen to Sheikh Umar Kintu and start worshipping God truthfully..
Many people in common and established religions have been tricked by satan to believe in counterfeits of true Godly practices and beliefs. Listen and evaluate where you stand.
Listen to counterfeits of true godliness[...]
MP3 audio file [67.2 MB]
Sheikh Umar Kintu and Sheikh Isa Mulumba state the facts.
In Islam, it is strongly believed that once a person dies he/she starts to communicate with beings unseen by humans there around.
In Catholicism, believers ask for blessings through the deceased.
The dead cannot hear or do anything they[...]
MP3 audio file [75.1 MB]
The Bible and the Quran (even Mohammed S.A.W) point believers to Jesus who is supreme on last day - Saviour of ALL PEOPLE.
It is alarming and clear deception for Muslims to be made to believe that Jesus means nothing to them and that he will appear again only to marry, turn all people to Islam and die again after 45 years
MP3 audio file [85.7 MB]
The truth about Jesus' coming and how Islam contradicts itself on this truth.
The Bible and the Quran clearly agree on the second coming of Jesus as "Supreme and Saviour" to lead people to heaven - even Mohammed S.A.W confirmed it. Not to marry and live 45 years and die again!
Is Jesus coming back to marry as Muslim[...]
MP3 audio file [77.2 MB]
During an evangelical crusade - Answers on various subjects
The answers relate to questions which were mainly about beliefs and teachings by Muslims. These are un-edited answers to listeners in the crusade. Listen and learn!!
Answers to questions from listeners in a[...]
MP3 audio file [46.1 MB]
Catholic prominents confirm the Sabbath is God's day of worship.
Prominent catholic leaders clearly state and advise Christians to observe the Sabbath (Saturday) as God requires and as SDA Christians do - Sunday observance was instituted by Catholics.
Truth about Sabbath Vs Sunday.mp3
MP3 audio file [50.4 MB]
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